• F. Klement, H. C. Pöhls and K. Spielvogel.

    Towards Privacy-Preserving Local Monitoring and Evaluation of Network Traffic from IoT Devices and Corresponding Mobile Phone Applications

    In IEEE 3rd Workshop on Internet of Things Security and Privacy (WISP 2020) held in conjunction with Global IoT Summit 2020 (GIOTS 2020), IEEE, Jul., 2020. This is a pre-print. Original will be available on IEEE Explore. pdf…


Acting as research assistant
Research on the development of a pattern-driven framework built upon existing IoT platforms to enable and guarantee secure and dependable actuation and semi-autonomic behaviour in industrial IoT applications; Participating in the task on „End-To-End Security and Privacy“ involving industrial and academic partners.

[ 3 years – 9 partners – funding: ∼5 Mio.€ in EU H2020 Research and Innovation – size: 919 person months ]